Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hollywood Studios

Me and Andrea had such a fun day yesterday! We went to Hollywood Studios and played all day! I don't think we waited more than 10 min to get on a ride! Yay for girls who know how to work it! :) We started our day by watching the Beauty and Beast show to see this super cute boy who dances in it. One of the girls working the crowd control let us sit in VIP so we had excelent seats!!! Oh it was wonderful! Then, we went on Tower of Terror and only waited for a few min. We were so suprised that on a Saturday it was so slow... but I think that it was slow because it had been raining! Then we went and rode Rock'n'Roller Coaster as single riders! Usually we are able to sweet talk the people disbatching into letting us but they were mean and unwavering! Sad day... but we still had fun riding one of the best roller coasters EVER!!! we got to see High School Musical Live and we met Red Ranger! Power Rangers SPD! It was sooo cool! Then... we got super way totally lucky and got to ride Tower of Terror in our own elevator shaft! It was soooo fun! We tried to watch Fantasmic but couldn't get in... sad day! Then we met up with Brandon and his roommate and just played the rest of the night at home. We went swimming and laid around and went to walmart... it really was an awesome day that I really needed! I love being here as much as some days are terrible. It is days like yesterday that make this all worth it!!! "I love disney... I just love it" ~me

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fall 2007

Even though fall semester has been long over... I just really want to write about it! I seriously made some of the best friends in the world last semester. I didn't realize how incredibly blessed I was with so many good people around me! I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORlD and being here has made me appreciate them so much! They are all sooooo awesome and I want all of them to know how much I love them and that I am always there for them!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am so excited! So, today while I was at work at Disney's Wide World of Sports I remembered how much I love planning events. I was talking to my mom about doing events like golf tournaments and baseball games and all that fun stuff and she told me about the most amazing major I have ever heard of offered at BYU-Hawaii. It is called Hospitality and Tourism and basically it is the major I have been looking for my whole life long! I am sooooo excited. So, I have come to the decision that I AM MOVING TO HAWAII!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I had to go home early from work today because I came down with ... the flu! It is no fun at all. I am tired and weak and feeling ill! :( I guess it could be worse though!

So... I love the movie mean girls. It describes the mean girls I live with so well... they are such backstabbers and I have no idea what I even did. I guess some girls are just plain mean!

Oh... and then something else random! I had a stalker. He was really weird. And, he really creeped me out. Honestly, some days I would 6 phone calls and other days I would get 3 but rarely did I not get any. So then, I asked my momma if it would be mean of me to tell him to stop calling me. I have never been more thankful for the incredible powers of text messages. I sent him a text that read "Please stop calling me. I am way to busy and would really appreciate it if you stopped calling me. Thanks!" Okay... so I guess he wasn't a real stalker, but he roped me into giving him my number because he could get me in free to Universal Studios and then he asked me every day when I could go with him... and then on top of that... he tried to make me feel bad when I told him to stop calling me... STUPID BOY! haha... so that is my fun story of the day.

Anyhow, I think I am going to go to bed... it's only 6 but I am really tired and need all the rest I can get!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Past Week!!! : )

First of all... thank you so much Kyle for reminding me to write on this. I am going to to my best to write on it everyday starting from now on. I have been so busy with life and work and everything else. Honestly, last night I looked at my schedule and saw that I did not have a day off until saturday and the last day I had off was monday... AHHH... I overworked and underpaid. But, I guess it could be so much worse!

Dear Kyle (and anyone else this may pertain too), if you are seriously thinking about coming on the college program, DO NOT (i reapeat) DO NOT say that you are receptive to working in food and beverage... you will hate your job and your experience could be greatly ruined. I am trying to jump through hoops to get me out of the spot I am in because I could work in food anywhere I go, but having the opportunity to work at disney, doing something disney like, is once in a life time for many people... DO NOT do food!!!

Anyhow, for an update on my life... I have been working constantly but the days I have off are so fun! Last saturday I took Brandon over to Animal Kingdom. He had never been so we decided that we were going to go on the safari first. Somehow we were let into the fastpass line where we found Alysse waiting for the same safari driver we were waiting for. She was determined to get on Chasten's safari without him noticing us so we stood in back and actually missed his safari. She didnt have time to wait for another one so we puled some stings (what else is new) and we got on his safari when he dropped off the last group. Now, I have to tell you that we didn't just get on the safari, we got on mission impossible style with help of one of the managers because we still didn't want Chasten to see us until the end So we snuck on to his safari from where everyone gets off and had to dick down while he rove over to pick people up. We were still hiding and the lady in line with her family that was supposed to get on where we were was heated!!! HAHA... and we didn't even feel bad! Then, Alysse had to be over to studios so we drove her over there and decided to play there because Brandon had never been there either. We were in line for tower terror and a lady just handed me 2 fast passes so we cut in front of everyone instead of waiting for another hour. Brandon decided that he hates that girls get so much(and I didn't even think that we got that much!) Ohhh... and then we went and drew our favorite character and rode Rock n Roller Coaster and then we went to get food and watched fantasmic from fantastic seats. It was a great day filled with tons of fun!

Then on monday, I went to downtown disney to spend some time before my 40% off merchandise was over. After that, Andrea met me over at typhoon lagoon!!! We were like giddy little girls when we went down the slides! They were soooooo fun! I highly recommend it to everyone. And, on top the their amazing slides, we got to swim with sharks and other kinds of big fish (which I am very glad I did because there was a super cute lifeguard working). And their wave pool was so fun!!!

Seriously, being here is so much fun! Where else could I go and have "magic moments" and give them? It is an amazing time! I am so homesick for my friends, I miss them all sooo much! Congrats major MB! You are the best in the world!

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