Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inspired Maybe?

Haha. So this is just a short little response to the blog Maribeth wrote last Friday about turning on her ipod and listening to music and just imagining herself dancing and doing whatever! I just want to admit that I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that does that!! Okay... so you know how when you watch movies or reality shows like The Hills and they have the super awesome music playing in the background and it fits their lives so perfectly? Yeah it's pretty cool!! Haha. Weird as it may seem... I love it when I turn on my ipod (or music anywhere) and I can imagine myself dancing in some large city somewhere and doing fun things with my closest friends! Maribeth, you are so right, music does kind of become like your own soundtrack!! I LOVE it!! I just LOVE it! Haha!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pinhole Cameras

I have been so frustrated over my stupid pinhole cameras!! The first one I made was out of an oatmeal box. For the aluminum I just used a diet coke can (it gave me a reason to buy diet coke :D)!!! I thought it was so simple to make so actually taking the pictures wouldn't be too bad!! Haha... I guess I thought WRONG!! It was so frustrating. Last weekend I did and exposure for 20min only to later find that nothing even turned up. I guess that's all part of the experience though!! I decided that if I have to take a 20 min exposure on any pinhole then I should probably find some more light!!!
Anyhow... I have to have all of this done next week!! I was about ready to give up when finally... after giving it just one more try... IT WORKED!! I was seriously so happy!!! Yeah... they aren't the best photographs in the world but considering it was made from an aluminum can and old box... I feel pretty cool!! Haha!! Here are some examples of what I did!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Been A While...

I was talking to Chelsey Heidorn a while ago about how I never write on here any more!!! It's a sad sad thing!!! So.. here I am writing!!!

Update on my life? Here it goes!! This past semester I have been serving as the Enrichment Counselor in my Relief Society! Today was the last day of the semester in there and I was released today!! It was so sad! Although it made me so super busy and stressed at times it made me really appreciate Relief Society on a whole other level!! Seriously... being a girl/woman is the BEST!!!

2nd! I was planning on just getting my degree in Studio Arts because I would be graduating this December!! However, after a long chat with Sister Jones in art advising I decided that one more semester for a BFA in photography was a better plan!! :) I really just didn't want to be down the road 10 years and regret not taking one more semester to get a better/ more prestigious degree. And... I guess I just came to the realization that if a BFA really doesn't take me anywhere it can still make me the best photographer I can be. And... what can that hurt? Chelsey made a super good point when she told me that she doesn't want much more than to be a great photographer for herself and for her family!!! Thanks Chelsey for making me realize that!!!

3rd! I have been living at Tuscany and am finally moving back up to the Ridge. FULL CIRCLE BABY!! I am soooo excited to be moving in with the girls I am moving in with! They are awesome!! And... I am so excited to be back up there! being on the other side of campus has been a much needed change but I am ready to go back!!!

4th!!! Life is just great right now! I am loving every moment of it!!! I am going to be on here more and writing more... I PROMISE!!! I'll even have to start posting pictures and all that other fun stuff again!!!

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