Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tire Changes

So yesterday Michelle and Aubree needed a tire changed and guess who did it! None other than yours truly! It was my first tire and although I made a few mistakes I was so proud of myself. I knew that going to mutual was good for something at times. So we got the car jacked up and then were trying to get off the nuts, but the wheel wouldn't stop spinning so Michelle and Aubree were holding the wheel to stop it from spinning while I tried to unscrew the nuts but they wouldn't budge (not even for a second!). So then we asked these 2 boys if they would help us and they reminded us that we forgot to put on the e-break (which would stop the wheel from spinning). But the nuts still would move... even with strong boys. And... it was sooo cold outside I though I had frostbite!!! Ahhh... so anyhow, finally after both the boys jumped on the tool thing that got the things off... they finally came off. YAY!!! But it really took like 20 min. And then, the spare that we put on was like a little baby child compared to the rest of the wheels. Yeah, we had a pretty good laugh about that one. But, I for sure know how to change a tire!!! YAY ME!! Oh... well that sure was fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

My New Job

This is the coolest job in the world! I am working on campus in the Photo lab which means I get to update my blog, do homework, and get paid! Really, I couldn't have asked for anything better! Plus that, I get to play on macs... they're so cool. Too bad I'm not a photo major anymore though. Ahh... it was fun while it lasted. Too bad I am terrible at everything that has to do with art. Hmmm... oh well I feel bad for all the people who ask my opinion on work... because I really wont have a clue what I am talking about. I LOVE LIFE! : )

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bring me the sun... PLEASE!??!!!!!??!

AHHHH!!! I can't believe it snowed this morning. Really!?! Where does it snow in April??? What happened to this global warming. UGH... Take me back to florida! Take me to the sun!!!! I WANT SUMMER!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Computer!

I don't think I have ever been more excited to have my own computer!!! I LOVE it even though it isn't a macbook... OH WELL!!! IT IS AWESOME! So... pictures and lots of fun things to write are coming up soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My first update before I go into ramble mode... I am so excited to get my own computer back!!! Oh... it will be so nice! And then I can start putting up pictures of everything that is going on in my life!!!! YAY!!!So... I am headed back to Rexburg tomorrow! I really have missed it, but I think that after only 2.5 more months of it I will be ready to peace out for good! Yay for 2 year degrees (even though they don't really mean too much!!!)

My rambling for the day is on boys... I am so fed up with them!!! Seriously though, can any boy ever think that a girl would want to hang out just to be friends or does it really have to be something more to get lunch or ice cream or anything!!! Stupid boys... if we like you... YOU'LL KNOW!!! I can't stand all of the pressures that we have to date and be dating! Seriously, I am 19 and not looking to get married any time soon. I am waaaaayyyy too young for that! I want to finish school and go back to disney and backpack through Europe and live in Hawaii and all of these other things that I am not super willing to put on hold! Is that so bad??? Oh... I want to go on and on and believe me I will soon, but right now I may say something I regret... lol. I'm just frustrated!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, I can't decide whether or not I am sad to be gone from Florida! I am for sure glad t obe back... but I miss some of the people so much! And... I miss Beauty and the Beast... you would think that I had seen it enough to fill a life time lol but I could still see that show everyday and not get tired of it. : ) So, I think I am going to make it a goal to be back there next winter for one more semester before I finish school. Plus that... Mark and Rachel will be there so that will be nice!

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