Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hollywood Studios

Me and Andrea had such a fun day yesterday! We went to Hollywood Studios and played all day! I don't think we waited more than 10 min to get on a ride! Yay for girls who know how to work it! :) We started our day by watching the Beauty and Beast show to see this super cute boy who dances in it. One of the girls working the crowd control let us sit in VIP so we had excelent seats!!! Oh it was wonderful! Then, we went on Tower of Terror and only waited for a few min. We were so suprised that on a Saturday it was so slow... but I think that it was slow because it had been raining! Then we went and rode Rock'n'Roller Coaster as single riders! Usually we are able to sweet talk the people disbatching into letting us but they were mean and unwavering! Sad day... but we still had fun riding one of the best roller coasters EVER!!! we got to see High School Musical Live and we met Red Ranger! Power Rangers SPD! It was sooo cool! Then... we got super way totally lucky and got to ride Tower of Terror in our own elevator shaft! It was soooo fun! We tried to watch Fantasmic but couldn't get in... sad day! Then we met up with Brandon and his roommate and just played the rest of the night at home. We went swimming and laid around and went to walmart... it really was an awesome day that I really needed! I love being here as much as some days are terrible. It is days like yesterday that make this all worth it!!! "I love disney... I just love it" ~me


Tragically Typical said...

im glad you had a happy day. 5 claps for sherpie.

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