Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Dream Come True?

Disney has turned out to be an adventure full of dreams coming true!! Well... I wish that was truly all that it was full of. It is true that it has been quite and adventure, for sure one that I will never forget, but all of my dreams have yet to come true. Maybe by the end I will have had the wonderful opportunity to make some of my dreams a reality.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Florida had been gret so far, but I am not even a week in. So, who knows how it could turn out! I start official on the job training tomorrow and am excited to be out of classes and actaully working. YAY FOR WORK : )

So we went to Downtown Disney and spent some time down there the other night. I had never been more glad to be in rexburg out of the cold! Seriously, I was in shorts and flip flops and if felt wonderful! Yesterday I didn't get to go to any of the parks because I got off late but today I went to Magic Kingdom. I finally knew why I was here. They keep on telling us that people come here to escape reality. We, as cast members, help make fantisy real for them! It is a dream being able to see the faces of kids light up when they see Micky Mouse or just rode Space Mountain for the first time. I realize that I am helping these people escape their every day pressures to enjoy a day at the happiest place on earth! : ) Yay me!
Wishes is amazing! Always has been, always will be. For those of you who have not yet been to Disneyworld, I would highly recommend it!
"Have a magical day" everyone! Miss you all dearly!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To WDW and Beyond!

I don't know what it was that scared me about coming here.  And to think that I even thought about staying in Idaho.  Crazy girl! : ) I seriously love it here.  I was in shorts and a t-shirt today. ALL DAY! It is so beautiful! Now, I am scared that I am never going to want to leave! Why? Because Disneyworld really is THE BEST! Who would have thought? 

Although the selection of boys is limited, my roommates all seem to nice and fun. It is a good thing that I love being around girls.  And, the boys across the hall are super fun and super cool! Yay us! 

We went to Downtown Disney, and was peeved to find that at Pleasure Island I get in free to all the clubs but I am too young to actually be let in to them.  But the shopping there was fun! Tomorrow after Traditions I will get my pass so I can get in free to all of the parks! Yay me. So, I think we are going to spend sometime at Epcot! Yay us! 

I will put up pictures when I can upload them! 

Sunday, January 6, 2008

And We're Off...

So, I am leaving in like another hour and I figure that since I don't think I am going to get to update this daily, I might as well write one last time!

I watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with my sister tonight and there was a line in it that really struck me. One of the girls said something about how the others around her have lost everything and still love and yet she has lost nothing and is afraid to love. I think that really hit home with me. Sometimes I think that one day getting married is the scariest idea and so I run but there are other days where I really can't wait to get married. So, there you have it, I am truly afraid to love. I think that it is mostly because I am afraid to be hurt. My mom once said to me that the people who hurt us most are the people we love. If we never want to be hurt, then we can never love. And, love should be the greatest thing that a human being is capable of. Love really does "lift us up." Love is what makes people do crazy things. And yes, I am terrified of it. But I do think that it is totally normal for a girl my age to be afraid to love!

Anyhow... I am off to Florida for a few months. I am so excited and hope that I have the best trip. It should be awesome. Seriously, I get to work with Mickey Mouse and what could be better than that???? Until next time, (hopefully soon!)


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scary Movies

There is something about a scary movie that intrigues everyone! What is it though? Tonight we watched Solstice, a movie about a girl who's twin sister commits suicide and is coming back to "warn her." Yes, the premise may seem a little bit childish, but it did everything a scary movie is supposed to do... it scared me! There was a point where I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep by myself and I even asked Hayley if she would stay the night. Maybe I'm just a little bit chicken but I don't understand what it is that continues to attract me to the idea of being scared. Is it really that intriguing? Maybe it is like testing a limit, sometimes that is just plain fun!

Friday, January 4, 2008

More Like Ferris?

Like every decision I make in my life, I have questioned whether or not moving to Florida is a good thing. I have been going back and forth between being so excited I can hardly wait to total unsureness of whether going will be good for me. Now, with 2 days left, I CANNOT WAIT!!! I just hope that it stays like this until I get home in April. Seriously though, I get to be at the happiest place in the states for 3 months. I don't have to worry about school or anything. Sounds like the coolest thing in the world if you ask me!

Well, in speaking of having a hard time making decisions, I have been going back and forth so much with school and deciding what I want to do with my life. There are so many possibilities and in reality, I am the one who gets to choose. I can do anything I want and that kind of scares me! So, heres the gist of it. I started as an exercise science major, wanting to go to medical school at UC Davis, and then work as a pediatric surgeon. However, I didn't think that I was strong enough to deal with the blood and needles. YUCK! So, I looked into photography. Seeing as I am a very observant person, I thought photojournalism would be the perfect job for me! But, after taking only a few classes, I realized that photo was far from being my forte! And now I am stuck. Do I go back to premed? Well, the answer to that should be a simple no. I should not go back. But then what am I to do? I think that every college student struggles with this and I am so jealous of those who don't. Those who know what they want to be and can decide are so lucky! So, I have gone back and forth between several ideas and new ones keep coming to mind each and every day. Weird, I know... but hopefully soon I will figure something out. Until then I just gotta keep on keepin on because life goes on! Maybe I just need to be a little bit more like Ferris and be more carefree and let things fall where they may! : ) If only it were that easy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flash Gordon

To most people, Flash Gordon is just a super hero in a red suit, but to me, Flash Gordon is much more!!! : ) He is the greatest dog in the whole world! My dad got him as a present for Christmas 1994 (I believe it was...) so I would have been about 6ish... and I have loved him ever since. But now, Flash is getting old. I really am just so sad about it. Several months ago he went deaf but was still able to run and play and dogs do, but now he is just getting old and is having a hard time just going from sitting to standing. I have dreaded the day that he is going to be put to sleep and the day is coming up soon. I always thought people who loved their animals this much we weird... but I love my dog. He is the best!!!! So, this is to my favorite dog in the whole world!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to California

So we drove home today and it took much longer than I would have liked because there was so much traffic over the mountain. 2 things that I don't like are going over the mountain and traffic so that was fun! : ) But it sure is good to be out of the snow as much as I love it.

Only 4 more days until Florida! I am so excited and can hardly wait to be with mickey for three months. Yay

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! I don't think that there could be a better new year's resolution than starting a blog! Well... blogging isn't really my resolution but journaling is. And, since I am not big into sitting and writing down everything that has happened to me in a day, I decided that this was the easy way to go.

To begin, I am a college student just trying to figure out life. Just when I think I have got somewhat of an idea of what is going on something happens that ruins every theory had. I guess that is true for most people though. I originally started out as an exercise science major wanting to go to medical school. I think that being a surgeon would be the sweetest job in the world. However, the sight of blood makes me queezy and the sight of needles makes me faint. After realizing that medical was probally not the way for me to go, I swithed my major or art hoping to get my BFA in photography. But sadly, I soon found that art is not my forte. Now, I am stuck trying to figure out not only what I want to do, but what I should do. I guess this is true for most people as well. Maybe one day, somewhat soon, I will figure out where it is that I need to be. Until then, I am just going to have to keep on keepin on.

Enough of that... I had such a great christmas this year! I love the holiday season. There is just something so magical in the air. It is cool because you get that feeling of being at Disneyland without actually being there. I LOVE IT! As one of my presents I got 4 days of snowboarding up at Kelly Canyon, so christmas day, my family and I drove up to Idaho to enjoy the fresh wonderful powdery snow. I took lessons and actually learned how to ride one of those things... I highly recommend it to everyone. It is so fun! At least I think so.

The countdown to Disneyworld continues. I am moving to Florida in 5 days. I still don't know if I am excited for it or what. I am leaving all of my friends to go on an adventure of my own. I keep telling myself that I need this... because, truly, I do. I think that everyone needs an adventure of their own. Whether it is Cuz going to Jerusalem to study for a semester or me working at the happies place on earth, the adventure is one that needs to be taken. I am looking forward to this experience but, I wont lie, I am terrified.

Life continues to go on for me and I am loving every moment of it (well... I'm trying to love every moment. Sometimes it is a little bit hard to). I hope that everyone had the happiest new years! Good luck in 2008 with what ever you are doing.

Until tomorrow,


Those that Love