Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Been A While...

I was talking to Chelsey Heidorn a while ago about how I never write on here any more!!! It's a sad sad thing!!! So.. here I am writing!!!

Update on my life? Here it goes!! This past semester I have been serving as the Enrichment Counselor in my Relief Society! Today was the last day of the semester in there and I was released today!! It was so sad! Although it made me so super busy and stressed at times it made me really appreciate Relief Society on a whole other level!! Seriously... being a girl/woman is the BEST!!!

2nd! I was planning on just getting my degree in Studio Arts because I would be graduating this December!! However, after a long chat with Sister Jones in art advising I decided that one more semester for a BFA in photography was a better plan!! :) I really just didn't want to be down the road 10 years and regret not taking one more semester to get a better/ more prestigious degree. And... I guess I just came to the realization that if a BFA really doesn't take me anywhere it can still make me the best photographer I can be. And... what can that hurt? Chelsey made a super good point when she told me that she doesn't want much more than to be a great photographer for herself and for her family!!! Thanks Chelsey for making me realize that!!!

3rd! I have been living at Tuscany and am finally moving back up to the Ridge. FULL CIRCLE BABY!! I am soooo excited to be moving in with the girls I am moving in with! They are awesome!! And... I am so excited to be back up there! being on the other side of campus has been a much needed change but I am ready to go back!!!

4th!!! Life is just great right now! I am loving every moment of it!!! I am going to be on here more and writing more... I PROMISE!!! I'll even have to start posting pictures and all that other fun stuff again!!!


katie said...

i'm so glad you posted:)

The Cobabes said...

Me too. :)

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