Monday, June 1, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Rain

On Saturday I got off work an hour early to go make a picnic for a little boating adventure... we wanted it to be nothing less than the best boating trip EVER!!! We had planned on leaving at 3 but that didn't happen, naturally. So around 4 we On our way out to Ririe, Logan noticed that these really dark clouds were moving right over the reservoir. So much for best boating trip ever. So we got out there and got on the boat and started heading out to one of the docs where we could have our wonderful picnic with everything a picnic requires... Sandwiches. Lemonade. Water. Sun Chips. Albertson Cookies (if you haven't had them you really NEED to!! They're amazing!) And some other cookies. We were on the doc for about 30 min when the clouds were officially moving over us and the sun was gone. Not only was the sun gone, the wind picked up. The water was choppy. Chances of any good wakeboarding/ water skiing were GONE!!! And on top of that... getting in the water was no longer even an option because there was no way to dry off without sun. Nothing but misery!!! Honestly! So.. getting off work early and making the most amazing picnic for the most amazing boating trip was almost pointless. sad? I know!!! All of the girls had towels wrapped around them as blankets because who would ever think that at the end of May it is going to rain? Sometimes i forget that I actually live in a place where the sun shining is almost nothing but wishful thinking... maybe i'll get motivated this week... haha


Maribeth said...

haha, I hate rexburg so much.

I hope the sun starts shining for you!

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