Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Valentine's Day this year fell on a three day weekend. Seeing as I really had no reason to stay in Rexburg, Cousin's Farewell was that Sunday, and Ashley Costley was home from her mission, Utah seemed to be the best option. We drove down Friday and came back Monday.

Here are just a few pictures from the trip...

Salt Lake Temple

Valentine's Day. Chelsea had a party.
From the Conference Center roof
Temple Square
Chelsea and Rachel... (the girls I drove down with)
I got to see Alyssa (alias Sister Lamprecht)
The boys. Left to Right: Spencer, Drew, Emerson, and Kyle
Me and Cathrine (alias Cousin) after the breakfast
Left to Right: Cousin, me, Costley, and Miriam. It was like a freshman/ sophomore year reunion for me.

Overall... great trip. It is always just good to get away from this small town and to be with good friends.


Sara Ballstaedt said...

how fun!! you got to see Melissa too, that's so great :)

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