Thursday, March 25, 2010

Environmental Portraits

These are some environmental portraits I took for my documentary photography class

Melissa and I just walked into these places, told them we were working on a project, and asked if I could take a few pictures. It is always funny to me how some people react in front of a camera. Some people are super comfortable and others tend to be like Chandler, from Friends, here no matter how many times they have their picture taken they can't just be themselves. Other people really hate having their picture taken. Its just kind of fun to see all the different reactions as we go to places and just start asking people if we can take a photo.

Anyways... Here are some from 2 shoots. The first ones are from a flower shop and the others are at a dry cleaner, both located right here is sweet sweet Rexburg, Id


C'est La Vie said...

how fun and random :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Very cool!

Spencer and Sara said...

the first lady is just so jolly! love it.

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