Thursday, May 27, 2010


We went out for a fun little photo shoot last week and found this really cool empty place... Naturally it ended up being where we took so many pictures!!

And... Of course Kyle had to be in at least one!! Hahaha.


Megan Hobson said...

where is this fabulous place? and when is your BFA? I think i might be in town so I want to come check it out!

Alise said...


This was in a building we climbed into just outside of town. haha. AND the BFA show goes up July 8th but I would LOVE to show you what I have when you do come for a visit!! :)

MereMorphy said...

pretty lil lady! i found you on here and im kind of excited!! cute blog. but pictures. you're cute!

MereMorphy said...

i meant to say cute blog. cute pictures.

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