Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flash Gordon

To most people, Flash Gordon is just a super hero in a red suit, but to me, Flash Gordon is much more!!! : ) He is the greatest dog in the whole world! My dad got him as a present for Christmas 1994 (I believe it was...) so I would have been about 6ish... and I have loved him ever since. But now, Flash is getting old. I really am just so sad about it. Several months ago he went deaf but was still able to run and play and dogs do, but now he is just getting old and is having a hard time just going from sitting to standing. I have dreaded the day that he is going to be put to sleep and the day is coming up soon. I always thought people who loved their animals this much we weird... but I love my dog. He is the best!!!! So, this is to my favorite dog in the whole world!!!


Those that Love