Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! I don't think that there could be a better new year's resolution than starting a blog! Well... blogging isn't really my resolution but journaling is. And, since I am not big into sitting and writing down everything that has happened to me in a day, I decided that this was the easy way to go.

To begin, I am a college student just trying to figure out life. Just when I think I have got somewhat of an idea of what is going on something happens that ruins every theory had. I guess that is true for most people though. I originally started out as an exercise science major wanting to go to medical school. I think that being a surgeon would be the sweetest job in the world. However, the sight of blood makes me queezy and the sight of needles makes me faint. After realizing that medical was probally not the way for me to go, I swithed my major or art hoping to get my BFA in photography. But sadly, I soon found that art is not my forte. Now, I am stuck trying to figure out not only what I want to do, but what I should do. I guess this is true for most people as well. Maybe one day, somewhat soon, I will figure out where it is that I need to be. Until then, I am just going to have to keep on keepin on.

Enough of that... I had such a great christmas this year! I love the holiday season. There is just something so magical in the air. It is cool because you get that feeling of being at Disneyland without actually being there. I LOVE IT! As one of my presents I got 4 days of snowboarding up at Kelly Canyon, so christmas day, my family and I drove up to Idaho to enjoy the fresh wonderful powdery snow. I took lessons and actually learned how to ride one of those things... I highly recommend it to everyone. It is so fun! At least I think so.

The countdown to Disneyworld continues. I am moving to Florida in 5 days. I still don't know if I am excited for it or what. I am leaving all of my friends to go on an adventure of my own. I keep telling myself that I need this... because, truly, I do. I think that everyone needs an adventure of their own. Whether it is Cuz going to Jerusalem to study for a semester or me working at the happies place on earth, the adventure is one that needs to be taken. I am looking forward to this experience but, I wont lie, I am terrified.

Life continues to go on for me and I am loving every moment of it (well... I'm trying to love every moment. Sometimes it is a little bit hard to). I hope that everyone had the happiest new years! Good luck in 2008 with what ever you are doing.

Until tomorrow,



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