Monday, March 17, 2008

What to do?

So... I am back to square one and I don't know what to do!!! Honestly, I can't stand that I am so horrible at making decisions. So, I made the decision to go back to rexburg feeling great about it, but then something happend that made me really question my decision. I don't know what to do. Here are the pro's and con's
Pro's To Bing in Rexburg
1. kyle, brittany, jessi, kyrie, and lauren, along with others I may meet or forgot to mention here
2. It is close to utah for Maribeth's Wedding
3. I would graduate in summer instead of the fall
4. I would be able to go to church regularly
5. I've heard rexburg summers are SOOO fun!
5. I wont be there when it starts to get cold again
6. I wont be here
1. I will have to move back to CA in the fall
2. I could be giving up the opportunity of a lifetime
3. I will go up to school with little or no money

I guess the only BIG con is that that I wont have money but I guess I could get a job, right? I don't know what to do. I wish that decisions like this were easier. When I was sitting on the beach yesterday I really wasn't thinking about doing that in rexburg, but just couldn't wait to be in Hawaii! So, I guess I need to make the smartest decision for moving to Hawaii and that would be to go to school in the summer and then save money in the fall! As of right now that is my plan, but I am scared that something is going to change that and once again I will be back to square one! Yay for people who can't make decisions!!!


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