Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tire Changes

So yesterday Michelle and Aubree needed a tire changed and guess who did it! None other than yours truly! It was my first tire and although I made a few mistakes I was so proud of myself. I knew that going to mutual was good for something at times. So we got the car jacked up and then were trying to get off the nuts, but the wheel wouldn't stop spinning so Michelle and Aubree were holding the wheel to stop it from spinning while I tried to unscrew the nuts but they wouldn't budge (not even for a second!). So then we asked these 2 boys if they would help us and they reminded us that we forgot to put on the e-break (which would stop the wheel from spinning). But the nuts still would move... even with strong boys. And... it was sooo cold outside I though I had frostbite!!! Ahhh... so anyhow, finally after both the boys jumped on the tool thing that got the things off... they finally came off. YAY!!! But it really took like 20 min. And then, the spare that we put on was like a little baby child compared to the rest of the wheels. Yeah, we had a pretty good laugh about that one. But, I for sure know how to change a tire!!! YAY ME!! Oh... well that sure was fun!


katie said...

What a big girl you are! And CUTE blog! Come see me soon, kay?

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