Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My first update before I go into ramble mode... I am so excited to get my own computer back!!! Oh... it will be so nice! And then I can start putting up pictures of everything that is going on in my life!!!! YAY!!!So... I am headed back to Rexburg tomorrow! I really have missed it, but I think that after only 2.5 more months of it I will be ready to peace out for good! Yay for 2 year degrees (even though they don't really mean too much!!!)

My rambling for the day is on boys... I am so fed up with them!!! Seriously though, can any boy ever think that a girl would want to hang out just to be friends or does it really have to be something more to get lunch or ice cream or anything!!! Stupid boys... if we like you... YOU'LL KNOW!!! I can't stand all of the pressures that we have to date and be dating! Seriously, I am 19 and not looking to get married any time soon. I am waaaaayyyy too young for that! I want to finish school and go back to disney and backpack through Europe and live in Hawaii and all of these other things that I am not super willing to put on hold! Is that so bad??? Oh... I want to go on and on and believe me I will soon, but right now I may say something I regret... lol. I'm just frustrated!!!!


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