Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Do Before I Die List

In A Walk to Remember the girl had a To Do List of things she always wanted to do! When I saw that movie I immediately started coming up with my own! Weird... I KNOW... but I love it!!! Here are just a few in no particular order...

1. See the Northern Lights! This is the coolest thing... EVER!!!
2. Runaway and backpack through Europe. I'm planning this one for when I graduate!
3. Graduate College with a Bachelors. Maybe I'll end up finishing in Hawaii... That would seriously be AWESOME!!!
4. Swim with a Dolphin (I've already done it with sharks!)
5. Skydive... I am terrified of heights but I have always wanted to do this!
6. Shop in New York and not feel bad about the money I spend.
7. Help in Africa
8. Run a Marathon
9. Go on a cruise (maybe even a disney one) 10. Kiss in the rain (and under fireworks and all that other romantic junk...)
11. Watch the sunset in Hawaii
12. Rock Climb
13. Climb a Mountain
14. Fall in love... get married and...
15. Have a family (hopefully I'll be a super cute soccer mom.) : )

The list really could go on for ever... But I've got a whole life to live, right?


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