Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay... so I haven't been on here for quite sometime now but, since I work almost everyday and have lots of downtime here, I am starting again!!!! YAY!!!

Where to even begin??? These last few months have been crazy. After all of the trouble deciding whether or not to go to hawaii and leave BYU idaho for the fall... I came back!!! I don't know why sometimes... i feel like its the same crowd every where I go!! It sometimes seems like people here get stuck in the Rexburg bubble and never grow up. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe you can agree with me. Now the dilemma is wether to stay here and finish or move to hawaii to finish! Yeah, sure, the weather is warmer there and I would get to play on the beach and do all of that fun stuff... but all of my friends are here!!! Leaving my girls would be no fun! They are seriously the best!!!

I just want to make a note of the friends that I have!! My girlfriends are the BEST girls in the world!!! I just wanted to thank them for being there for me this weekend!! They have no idea what that meant to me!!! Building a fort and watching the Little Mermaid was the BEST idea EVER!!!

Hmmm... What else??? I am quickly losing hope that people can just be good and kind and all that fun stuff!!! Seriously... last week was information overload! Then this week dealing with stupid girls who only care to get their way. They could care less about the feelings of anyone else and they do what they can to get what they want regardless of how it hurts other people! It bugs me that I am told that I am the selfish person when I am just doing what I can to not to lose the most important things to me! And then in trying not to lose them I end up pushing people away!!! Its like a vicious cycle... so this is a huge Im sorry to everyone that Ive pushed away!!!

I am going to post pictures of everything soon!!! (Thats the fun thing about facebook!!! :) )


katie said...

I am SO happy you are back on your blog!

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