Monday, March 30, 2009

Pinhole Cameras

I have been so frustrated over my stupid pinhole cameras!! The first one I made was out of an oatmeal box. For the aluminum I just used a diet coke can (it gave me a reason to buy diet coke :D)!!! I thought it was so simple to make so actually taking the pictures wouldn't be too bad!! Haha... I guess I thought WRONG!! It was so frustrating. Last weekend I did and exposure for 20min only to later find that nothing even turned up. I guess that's all part of the experience though!! I decided that if I have to take a 20 min exposure on any pinhole then I should probably find some more light!!!
Anyhow... I have to have all of this done next week!! I was about ready to give up when finally... after giving it just one more try... IT WORKED!! I was seriously so happy!!! Yeah... they aren't the best photographs in the world but considering it was made from an aluminum can and old box... I feel pretty cool!! Haha!! Here are some examples of what I did!!


The Heidorn Family said...

oh fun! I can't believe that worked. That's amazing. I looked up the directions on how to make a pinhole camera once online but ended up chickening out, or not having the time. I'm not sure which.

Maribeth said...

my eyes hurt when I read your blog, the white writing it killin me!

way to be artsy fartsy. That last pic of smash is hilarious though.

alise said...

Haha. I know... The one of Ashley is hilarious. But you have to give her some credit. The sun was shining super bright in her eyes and the exposure was 5 min long!!! And... I'm sorry about the white. When I find another color I'll change it!! :)

alise said...

PS. i am working on creating my own template so I just put it on this one for you for now :)

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