Monday, October 5, 2009

21st Birthday

So I know this was almost 3 weeks ago, but I just now have all of the pictures to put up.

The night before, I got home just before curfew to find a poster and a decorated wine glass from Tia. She's is really such a great roommate!!
The pretty pink poster is now hanging on my wall. I LOVE it!!

And here is the glass. Isn't it cute??

The actual day started at 8am. I had to work ALL DAY!!

Then I had class until 630pm. When I got home I had 2 cocoa bean cupcakes from Danielle and Cuzy. Yum!! They also made me the cutest card with googly eyes. (I don't have a picture... sadly).

But my girls are good to me and we got all dressed up and then they took me out to dinner at texas roadhouse.
Me and Melissa

Me and Jocelyn

At Texas we were "that table." You know.. the really annoying one that asks for everything and complains about everything. First of all... our water was NASTY!! It tasted like dirt, so we had to get more. And there was this annoying child sitting behind us. Haha. Melissa ordered the pulled pork dinner. It came with ONE grilled roll. Mel was not so happy about this so she asked for more. And then she asked for our server to grill them too!! Silly Mel.

Mel, Kristie, and Brittany

On the way home we were rocking out to Miley's Party in the USA when we almost hit... A SKUNK. It was running through the road and it was super dark outside and we all SCREAMED!! And then we all about died of laughter.

I had to include a picture of a skunk!!

When we got home Kasey, being the kind soul he is, told me he had a surprise. Since we both love cake mix cookies he made me some, put candles in them, and then he sang
"Happy Birthday" to me with Jocelyn. I do have to say that this was the closest thing to a birthday cake I've had since my 19th birthday (which was only 2 years ago haha). Thanks Kasey!!
Kasey, the AMAZING cookies, and me!!

My birthday present from my mom came a few days late... and she sent it to the wrong apartment!! Haha. But I still loved it!!! New nail polish... makeup... and other fun stuff!!! I LOVE being a girl!!! :D

It was a pretty great day. It's kind of weird now being able to tell people that I am actually 21. It's SOOOO crazy!! But I am loving it!!


Katie said...

happy birthday...again. I love you!

KandyJill said...

Haha "That Table" - oooh you girls!! I just love ya!
Your so cute Alise! We need to go crash the hot tub at Aspen again!

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