Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Winter...

I came across these today and just remember how much fun my digital photo class was.

Night Panorama. North Rexburg

Panorama at sunset. Sugar City.

Digital Painting... Somewhere on the way to St. Anthony.

Hockney inspired mosaic. Kelsey in our apt.

Digital Black and White. Just outside of Tuscany.


MB said...

I like your digital painting.

The Cobabes said...

i LOVE the mosaic.

My sister is applying to colleges right now. About 6. But 3 of them include all BYU's. She really wants to major in photographer. Is that your major there?

Alise said...

Jeannette!!! YES! Photo is a major here. She can either do an integrated studio art major with a photo emphasis OR she can get her bachelor of fine arts in photography which is still in the art department... just more photo classes!! :D BFA Photo is my major!!

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