Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baking Fix

So these past few days have been kind of weird! I have all of this work that I need to do and I don't even know where to begin!!! It's so frustrating but I've been going hard all semester and all of the sudden I lost my motivation and now all I want to do is bake! Today I made some banana nut bread!! It was amazing!! The other day I whipped up a batch cake mix cookies (which I discovered is probably my new favorite quicky dessert)! They were amazing! But that's really where I want to spend my time! Just baking!!! I am so unmotivated when it comes to my homework. I think, though, that a huge part of that is the fact that Rexburg decided it was going to snow in April! It's seriously so cold! NOT a fan!!!

Oh... and today when I was baking my banana bread I was watching Hairspray and totally had forgotten how much I loved that movie. I'm pretty sure that my favorite line is when Tracy is in detention and Seaweed asks her how she likes it and she replies "I'm a bad, bad girl who needs to be punished" right as Link walks in!! HAhaha. Yeah... it's a good movie!!

I want to go see Australia!! I just might go tonight by myself if no one will go with me just because I want to see it so bad! Yeah... that sounds like a good plan. Sometimes I really enjoy going to movies by myself! It clears my mind. I'm pretty sure I can thank Luke for getting me into doing that one!! Best EVER!!!


The Heidorn Family said...

Awww you're doing so good updating your blog! I read it every day. I'm so proud :) don't go to movies on your own, silly girl just call me!

Maribeth said...

HA. Rexburg sucks.

I think you use more exclamation points than anyone...maybe even Smash. That's intense. I feel like I have to read it in an upbeat way...which sounds funny in my head.

Bake Away!!! Deliver whatever you bake to people and write poems for them. HA HA! Best thing ever.

The Cobabes said...

i love baking. :) i just made some cowboy cookies--oatmeal cookies. but i put in swirl chocolate chips and craisins. they were good.

australia is in theaters there? its at blockbuster here...

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