Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best Weekend (and Longest Post)

This weekend has been so adventurous!!!

Adventure Number 1 - Cracking the Coconut: When we were at the grocery store yesterday, Ashley and I decided to buy a coconut!! We REALLY wanted to open one... just to see if we could! So, between conference sessions, I googled (like I do with everything) "how to open a coconut" and decided that before doing anything else we were going to have to get the milk out. All of the ways people said to do it online involved hammers and nails and all sorts of things that I do not own!!! So... we got creative! I took the nails I had in my room for frames and use a high heel heel for the hammer. BETTER BELIEVE it worked!! Ash was so good at getting the milk out!!! She drove the nails on in and let the milk drip on out of the coconut!!! When we were sure that it was empty the only thing that was left to do was to crack the whole thing! (Please remember that this is the first time either of us have done this :D) Everything online said that you needed to wrap it in a towel and hammer it to get a clean crack! That sounded boring and I didn't have a towel I was willing to risk ripping with my heel! So, we took it outside and looked for a wall to throw it against! Well, that's what I wanted to do, but Ashley's idea to throw it on the ground was probably the more practical approach! (Actually the hammer/ heel was probably the most practical. Haha!!) She got a clean crack and pried it open!! Then we ate it! But we were having too much fun to just stop there. So, barefoot and in our sweats, we decided to go on a walk down from Tuscany to Arbor Cove hoping that James, Luke, and Rob were home. Sadly, James and Luke had gone down to Utah for the weekend. But we were still so happy to see Rob and show him what we had done and how we had been so creative and opened our coconut that we were able to enjoy eating!! Pictures will be up tomorrow, don't fret!!

Adventure Number 2- The Emergency Room: Since the boys all had Priesthood session last night Cousin and Danielle and their roommates wanted to have a girls night! Around 7pm I made my way up to the Ridge hoping to just be able to enjoy some pizza and watch a movie with the girls!! I hadn't been there for more than 2 min when Danielle said that Cuz needed to go to the emergency room. I couldn't think of anything better to do than to join them! Danielle, Casey, and I all took her to the Madison Memorial Hospital emergency room and got to sit and wait while she was getting blood samples and everything! (She's okay... there is no need to worry!!) While we were waiting this little boy came in with his parents and brother. His family was dressed snow attire as if they had been on a snow adventure of sorts. His dad was holding this 9year-old(ish) in his arms like you would a baby and on his was a wrap that looked like it was made from foam stuff and duct tape. We were all trying to listen to what had happened but all I can remember was that there was supposedly a gash about 1/4" deep and 2" wide!!! NASTY!!! I felt so bad and the boy looked like he was in too much shock to even cry!! I wanted to ask so bad what had happened but didn't think it would be appropriate! I'm sure he is okay and I hope that some day when he is older he has a really awesome scar and fantastic story!!! After he had been taken into the back, the waiting room was kind of boring... so we decided to go an explore the hospital! There wasn't too much to see other than construction. But we DID find the exercise room and I would have loved to go in, but there were some people there that I thought would have kicked us out and we still had to wait for Cousin! When she was done (only like an hour later... it wasn't too bad of a wait...) me and Cousin had to trick Danielle into staying in the car while we ran into Brolium's to pick up her "root beer keg" that they sell there. Today was her 21st and we didn't want to spoil the best surprise. I ended up falling asleep at their apartment pretty early and just stayed up there for the night!

Adventure Number 3 - BBQ/Twilight: Every once in a while Rexburg DOES have nice weather. After a very long week of snow I was so happy that today was nice! I was able to wear capris and a t-shirt and enjoy being outside for little bits! Today was Danielle's birthday (as well as their friend Josh's)! In light of this double birthday and the good spring weather... they wanted to BBQ! Seriously... probably the best meal I have had all semester! We had chicken and ribs and salad and these AMAZING mashed potatoes that Bekah made and some more delicious rolls that Cousin made!! We all just opened up the windows and sat and ate and finally enjoyed being in other people's company! I feel like in the winter so many people kind of just become a little bit "unsocial" and so it was nice to just be hanging out with people again! When were done eating we watched Twilight (2nd time in 1 week?) and I came to the conclusion that I think that movie is more of a comedy than a drama! The acting is NOT good! I feel like I am watching a high school play that isn't very well done when I watch that movie! I laughed so hard and was soooo happy to know that all the people that were watching it with me felt the same! I am normally not this critical about movies, but seriously... seriously? That movie is outta control!!

The rest of the night has been pretty chill! I finished measure mattes I have to cut for my Historical Processes Portfolio and now I am here just getting ready to get ready for bed! I love good weekends! I love weekends where I can just relax! And.. on top of these fun/interesting/unexpected adventures... it was conference weekend! Conference weekend is always soooo good! I felt like for the most part the "theme" was that the times are hard and they are going to be hard and all we can do is do our best and keep smiling. I think that is a message I need to be reminded of often!

Anyhow... I believe this is the LONGEST POST I have ever written! I will post pictures tomorrow while I am at work!! Yay for work and for the it being the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! :)


Maribeth said...

Alise. you were one of THOSE people who laughed out loud at Twilight? come on. It is not a great movie, but really?

alise said...

haha. you would have been laughing out loud too if you had the conversation i had with melissa and logan! ill update you on that one later! :)

Hayley said...

We all know how big a Twilight fan I am, but I couldn't agree more when it comes to the movie. The first thing that came to my mind when I watched it was AWKWARD! I have hopes for New Moon but some serious improvments will have to be made.

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