Friday, April 3, 2009

A Little Random!

I am pretty sure that the best escape from everything I have had in a long time was going to the movies by myself!! Seriously though!!! It was just a break from everyone and everything for a few hours.... JUST what I needed!!! I ended up seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was so cute!! LOVED it! So now I think I am going to start going to the cheap theaters more regularly! Seriously... I feel like almost every girl can relate to her on some level! I love how at the beginning she compared shopping and credit cards to men and how shopping never treats yours your poorly!! Haha... made me laugh!!!

I really want to see He's Just Not That Into You so maybe that will be my next venture!! :) (Haha. That book changed my life!!) Speaking of books. I really need to find a good outside reading book!! The Twilight Series just wasn't doing it for me. It was too mushy mushy for my likings. BUT maybe I'll have to read the 2nd and 3rd and 4th ones. Haha. I don't even know how many there are. But, I watched the movie, Twilight, and I'm pretty sure it falls under the genre of Comedy! That's just my opinion, though! When we were watching it at Jackson's I laughed when Edward was like "you are my own, personal heroin"!! Yeah... the other people watching it with me were so thrown off that a girl would be laughing at that and not just so enthralled with the story and with Edward and Bella! I am pretty sure that I am one of the few girls who really didn't like that book. But, maybe I'll have to read the others to like it more! Maybe? I don't know... we will have to see!!

So it's Friday night! I am going to my roommates Jazz combo and I'm pretty excited about it! She is awesome and has such a sweet voice!! It should be so cool! Then, after that, I am going Latin Dancing! Yeah, pretty sure this will be my first time in the 3 years I have been at BYU-I that I will be going to something like this!! It really is going to be so fun though! The people I am going with are fun so I'm excited!!! So I'm starting off the weekend well!! And... conference is tomorrow!! YAY!!! BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!


Drew and Megan said...

you're cute! i found you! kylie loves twilight, haha. i havent seen that shopaholic movie, but hes just not that into you is so funny dude! we watched it on our honeymoon. its so true in so many moments, let me know if you see it! miss you!

Drew and Megan said...

shopaholic is so funny i finally saw it!

alise said...

Megan!! I still haven't seen hes just not that into you, BUT, i did read the book and it changed my life. Haha! How are you? I see Lisa on campus every once in a while! I miss you! Ps. are you going to hawaii? I may have heard that somewhere! Maybe i'll head that direction in 1 more year!!!

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