Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bed too late, Up too early, Now too tired!

Since the beginning of the semester I don't think I have been getting as much sleep at night as I should be getting! A full night of rest can do a girl a lot of good! I try to tell myself this everynight around 9pm but then around 11 when I should be going to sleep is when everyone else starts to party! And... what college girl wants to miss out on a party with the roomies, right? Well... today I am feeling the consequences of these actions. What are they??? Well here's a whole list!

1. Didn't hear the alarm. Woke up. Checked the clock just to see. Was still very out of it. Read "8:30" am on the clock. Jumped out of bed frazzeled thinking that I woke up late for work AGAIN (yeah... I did that on Monday too. NOT a good thing). Started to hurry and get ready while I tried calling my boss. NO ONE answered. Tried to be quiet but couldn't help being in a hurry and accidentially slamming things. (SORRY GIRLS). Called work. No one answered. Checked the clock again and this time realized that it was not even 7 and I was NOT late for work. In fact. I still had a whole hour before I had to be there.
2. A little bit on edge. When I haven't slept in (what feels like) days I tend to be a little bit short with people. At work... not so much a good thing!
3. My attention span is short.
4. My logic is slightly off.
5. My hair looks like I just rolled out of bed.
6. I am very fidgety.
7. I don't want to do my homework. In fact... I don't want to do anything!!

My could have been going so much better if I had just gone to bed like a normal person at a normal hour. SERIOUSLY!!! 230??? WHY??? I could have maybe seen my clock right, been up with out waking up everyone else, been a little bit nicer to the people at work, I maybe would have gotten some homework done, I would have paid better attention in class, AND I wouldn't be blogging right now. My day could have already been going so much better.


Kylie said...

so what do you do up so late? you're crazy haha. i hate waking up paniced haha.

soooo i have a nikon D40 slr camera--i love it, but i want bigger and better now! why, what do you use?

Alise said...

I have been using a Canon Rebel XTi. I love it!!! I want to get lots of cool lenses because it think those are what REALLY makes the difference :) we'll see though. maybe one of these days...

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