Tuesday, May 5, 2009

iTouch Applications

I love that campus has WiFi because I can get on my iTouch anytime I like!! :) I have been obsessed with downloading applications!! Here are the newest additions to the collection!!

1. Google (Because googling is the best invention EVER)
2. Twitter (So I can stay updated with MB with out being near my comp:) )
3. Hymns (Because I am ALWAYS looking for a hymn book. Guess what!! Don't have to look any more. I've got it all under control)

I know they are nothing really exciting... but I just love searching for new ones all the time!! If there are any that you LOVE please let me know... so I can add them too!! :)


katie said...

I definitely need the Hymns!

Maribeth said...

gotta love it. I play on Scott's itouch all the time. mostly I just play "parking lot" that can keep me entertained for very long periods of time.

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