Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Most Talked About Thing!

I heard somewhere that one of the things people talk about the most for "small talk" is the weather. But sometimes talking about the weather is really kind of...the weather is Rexburg is... depressing (for lack of a better word)! The wind yesterday was probably 60mph (NOT exaggerating)! It is May! I wanted to say "You're kidding, Rexburg... I have to walk up this stupid hill fighting the wind... You're FULL ON kidding!!!" So the wind made our power go out. It was out at home for about 3 hours. Our ward social got moved from the park to the girls lounge and the power was out there too. So we all got to sit in the lounge with out any electricity. No electricity = no refrigerator/ freezer = melted otter pops (not the worst thing that could happen but still otter pops are AMAZING when they do have some sort of frozen in them. These didn't have ANY haha). So the power went out AND THEN the internet was down. The internet at the ridge is probably the worst ever. I turned my computer on again this morning to see if it was working, it was not. It was lame. (Good thing I've got lots of free time at work to play online. Haha.) It was probably the windiest wind I have ever seen. I couldn't even do my photo assignment. It was impossible to do anything!! Haha. Seriously... I think that everything that could ever go wrong in Rexburg is directly related to the weather! 1 more year, only one more winter!!! I really just want summer to be here. I'm really hoping that by next week playing outside daily and walking to Horkley's and picnics and Rigby lake and the Sandbar and Wakeboarding (except the water will STILL be too cold) and all the fun things that come with the summer!! I'm really hoping it comes soon!!!


Maribeth said...

this is hilarious. i love you

katie said...

yes. the weather here is stinking. big time.

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